With almost ten servo-driven precision injection molding machines and LG imported raw materials, the high quality and attractive appearance of our plastic enclosures are assured. In addition, Joinchamp’s machining workshop is outfitted with various processing machines, including a laser cutting machine, over ten CNC machining centers and other metal processing machines. These devices will ensure the high-level accuracy of our metal components.

Our component warehouse spans an area of 5,000 square meters, featuring an orderly management system. Different materials are stored in separate zones, allowing a prompt response in terms of order routing and efficient product delivery. Our incoming quality control staff inspect raw materials according to related national or international standards, especially when it comes to the procurement of engines and surgical lighting. After careful purchasing, they will undergo a reliability test, to ensure zero failure.

The input process quality test will be carried out in our production workshop, which helps to find out any potential problems before they occur. At Joinchamp, 100% inspection is carried out on dental chairs. In this way, their lifting performance will be tested and some small issues, such as noise, wobbling, not smooth and so on, will be checked out and repaired. Joinchamp has established a semi-finished area, spanning an area of 2,000 square meters, which supports storage of more than 500 pieces of semi-finished products. They are always waiting for the final assembly and finishing according to customers’ requirements, which provides a prompt delivery. For the purpose of strict quality control Joinchamp delivers 100% simulation inspection and a series of testing for semi-finished water pipes, gas pipes and controlling units according to stringent applications. Qualified semi-finished products are sent to an assembly workshop, which covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The production center is effectively divided, and technicians deliver orderly operations according to the requirements of instruction, allowing the production of high-quality products. Joinchamp has a high annual production capacity, which arrives at over 10 thousand pieces. Thus, any challenging demand for delivery is easily satisfied.In addition to our dental chair package, Joinchamp also provides dental compressors, dental vacuum suction systems, sterilizers and other medical apparatus. We manufacture our sterilizers in a production line, and the finished sterilizer features high-end positioning and is highly competitive. Joinchamp always places great emphasis on the finished product’s quality, Being strict in our product’s quality, Joinchamp still delivers 100% inspection for finished products, components installation, surgical lights, and the dental chair backrest. Besides that, security inspection is also our emphasis. Therefore, we carry out a series of testing, such as the voltage withstanding test and leakage current test, for all the pr
oducts. Thus, products security is well assured. At last, qualified products are packaged carefully and securely positioned in a wooden box, waiting for delivery.